Asterisk The Ugly Truth About Body Positivity
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Everyone loves to preach about having body positivity, loving yourself, and enjoy being you. What they don’t tell people about is the process between hating yourself, and loving yourself.

People don’t talk about the constant battle of looking in the mirror and having to talk yourself into liking your reflection. Some days you just look in the mirror and never think you can do it, but other days I feel like my body is bangin’!!!

What you can do to help get better about your reflection is to talk yourself up! Tell yourself what you love about yourself. I love the way my curls fall, my moles and freckles, and my almond eyes.


People don’t talk about how when you hate yourself on the outside, you lose all self esteem. They say to “tell yourself all the things you’re good at,” but when you hate yourself, you don’t think you’re good at anything!

What you can do is to appreciate what your body does! Your body is an amazing machine!


People don’t tell you how hard it is to remember that beauty isn’t skin deep when everyone praises celebrities for their beauty.

Remind yourself that magazines and even Instagram uses filters and photoshop. Be sure to know every image you look at isn’t the full truth.


People don’t tell you how difficult it is to get rid of clothes you’ve worn forever to buy clothes that fit correctly. It’s hard to get rid of clothing in general, let alone clothing you’ve grown attached to.

Slowly throw your clothes away while adding clothes you love that fit better! It makes it easier to lose the clothing because you have exciting new clothes!


Despite all this, it is crucial you love yourself!

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