Asterisk 5 Ways Trick Yourself Into Saving Money
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Everyone loves money, but not everyone is good at saving it! Here are 5 simple ways to trick yourself into saving money!

Use Cash

If you use cash, you’ll feel worse about watching it go. You’ll try not to spend it as much because you can physically see how much you have. When you have a card, you just see plastic. That can cause you to just keep swiping because you don’t really know how much you have on it.


Change Jar

When you use cash, you most likely will get change back (unless you’re one of those people…). Place it next you your laundry, your car, or by the front door. Anywhere you think you’ll empty your pockets! Don’t touch the jar until its full. Change really adds up!


Round It Up

When you purchase something, round up to the next dollar. For example, if you spend $10.33 at the movies, 0.67 would go into your savings!


Bill Yourself

Set a balance to put into savings every month, like a bill. You’ll have a decent size savings account in only a few months. Here are some examples from Pinterest:

12 Month Emergency Fund

1 Year, Bi-Weekly Savings Plan


Save all 5’s and 1’s

When you receive your change back from using cash, stash your 5’s, 1’s, or both! You’ll save a large amount of money without even knowing! When I did this, I used a piggy bank I couldn’t see in, so it was more of a surprise!

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