Asterisk 5 Muslim (Hijabi) Instagramers You NEED To Follow
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I love looking at everyones Instagrams. I don’t care if they are just selfies, nature, food… food is always nice. These are my favorite Muslim Instagram accounts. Don’t forget to follow me here!

5. Amani  –  @amani

Amina is the creator of MuslimGirl. MuslimGirl is, according to their website,

“We’re normalizing the word “Muslim” for both Muslims and non-Muslims alike. was launched from the bedroom of a high school girl that was fed up with the misleading misconceptions surrounding Islam — the way the news coverage and media outlets kept skewing the image of Muslims into a nasty one; the mistrust, racism, and flat-out hatred that the inaccuracies flamed; the muting of young Muslim voices from mainstream society; and the resulting disillusionment that young Muslims suffer about their religion in the tornado of it all.”

She is changing the world for Muslims like me on the daily. She is an incredible person with an amazing attitude!


4. Mona Haydar  –  @themostmona

Mona Haydar started as a poet and has evolved into writing music. Her songs are funny and relatable for all Muslim girls. “Wrap My Hijab” was written as a power song for people to not let the “haters” get to you. Just wrap your hijab and carry one! Her newest song is called “Dog,’ and is about men calling out Muslim women for being haram in any kind of way. (haram = that which Allah and the Prophet have completely and specifically forbidden… examples : eating pork, smoking, etc.) She has also had stands up in Massachusetts that say, “Free donuts and coffee”, “Ask a Muslim”, “Free Conversation”, and more to fight islamophobia!

She is an inspiration to all.


3. Saufeeya Goodson  –  @feeeeya

Saufeeya Goodson is a fashion model and helps run another Instagram dedicated to modest fashion called, Modest Route. She helps change the modest game with a modern twist. She’s been publish in magazines and is just gorgeous.


2. Hamlima Aden  –  @kinglimaa

Hamlima Aden was the first Muslim to become a supermodel! She’s 20 years old and a refugee from Kenya. She was signed with IMG Models after bring in a pageant where she wore a burkini and hijab. Hamlima was also in Yezzy Season 5. She is the first hijab-wearing Muslim to walk runways and be on the cover of Vogue Arabia and Allure.

This young girl is making strides and she is such a role model for all hijab-wearing Muslims around the globe!


1. Dina Tokio  –  @dinatokio

If you don’t know Dina by now… are you living under a rock?

Dina has become a trending star on YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter. She is a fashion icon and honestly is the most down to earth person I’ve seen. Dina doesn’t hide who she is just because she’s Muslim. She has influenced the Hijabi world with the many different ways she styles her hijab.


Be sure to follow these gorgeous Muslim ladies on Insta!




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