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Leg day is my favorite day! I could do leg day everyday but my legs would quit working…so let’s not do that. Here are a list of my favorite leg exercises.

Weighted Hip Thrust

This works the booty! I always start shaking in the middle of the exercise but that just means I’m pushing myself!


Seated Leg Extension

This exercise works the quads. I could sit on this machine all day… as long as I got breaks because this really starts to hurt.


Barbell Front Squat

This is also a quad exercise, but if you squeeze your glutes together for a few seconds once you’re in the standing position, you have added a bit of booty work! This also works the back!


Weighted Squat Walk Out

This works your quads and booty! After awhile you really feel the burn and want to stop, but just keep pushing through for some sexy legs and booty!


Weighted Curtsy Lunge Step-Up

I can feel my booty burning already. This exercise works the quads but is mainly for those glutes. You could say this works the upper body also.


Romanian Deadlifts

I hate hamstring exercises. I curse whoever made them, but they are essential to the body so I love doing these. As you go down on every rep you can feel the burn in your hammies. You could say it also works the back.


Overhead Walking Lunge

Everyone knows the lunge! Working those quads and booty for those big gains. You could say it also works you upper body as well.


Overhead Squat

This is very much like the walking lunges. It works the same muscles, just a different way to do it!


Kneeling Squat

All about the booty do. You’ll want to squeeze those glutes together once you hit the peak for a few seconds before going back down. Make sure you have something soft to put your knees one!


Cable Adductor

This is to help to get rid of the hip dips on the side of your glutes to have a fuller bum.




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