Asterisk 5 Reasons Why Self-Care Should Always Come First
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Everyone should learn how to care for themselves. We are constantly stressing about work and school and life itself. Sometimes we have mental health problems which causes us to hate ourselves, that’s when self-care becomes the hardest!

Makes You a Better Caregiver

People who take care of others more than themselves start to get burned out and don’t make time for themselves, while people who never take care of themselves become unhappy and have low self-esteem. By taking time to take care of yourself, you’ll become happier and have a want to help others, which in turn can make you a better caregiver.


Lowers Stress Levels

Taking a break from a stressful day by taking a bubble bath, reading, or doing something you enjoy can lower your overall stress levels. A bubble bath, for example, will trigger a relaxation response and will make you feel refreshed.


Alone Time

When you’re alone, you can really focus on you. You can use that time meditating and for self-reflection, without having to concentrate too hard.



We’ve always needed to be soothed. As crying babies we’d suckle on something or take a nap when we needed self-care time, but as we get older we still have our fits without the self-soothing. By taking care of ourselves we can learn what really calms us and try to recreate that for ourselves at least once a week. This can include; a bath, face mask, manicure, pedicure, or even scheduling a massage.


You’re Happy

Every self-care routine has one major benefit, your happiness. If you aren’t happy, you cause those around you to not be happy. You should focus on what makes you happy and look forward to a self pampering session at least once a week. Happiness is everything and you deserve to make yourself happy!



“Your life should be like a checking account, balancing out on a regular basis so that you always have assets to draw upon. By making even small deposits—taking care of yourself with a 10-minute walk or a nutritious meal—you’ll be amazed at the interest you’ll reap.”




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