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(The infant) said: “Surely I am ‘abdulLāh (a servant of God). He (has already decreed that He) will give me the Book (the Gospel) and make me a Prophet. 

( Holy Quran , Maryam 30 )

The term “ ‘abdulLāh (a servant of God) “ is the highest of human ranks and  the most honorable title anyone can reach. Having Allah as your One and Only Master is the most beautiful gift in the life of a believer.

The ayah says that Isa ( peace be upon him ) is a prophet of Allah and he was going to receive a new scripture from Him.

Isa ( peace be upon him ) was blessed by Allah because of his constant wish to guide people on the path of righteousness and pure love of kin . He was also given the miraculous ability to cure diseases and bring the dead back to life by the Will of Allah .


“He has made me blessed (and a means of His blessings for people) wherever I may be, and He has enjoined upon me the Prayer (the Salāh) and the Prescribed Purifying Alms (the Zakāh—and to enjoin the same upon others) for as long as I live.

“And (He has made me) dutiful towards my mother, and He has not made me unruly, wicked.

“So peace be upon me on the day I was born and the day of my death, and the day when I will be raised to life. ” 

( Holy Quran , Maryam 31-33 )


Even if some of the Children of Israel believed in the miracle they just witnessed, most of them thought that Maryam ( peace be upon her ) was trying to deceive them by using black magic . They kept accusing her of fornication.


Such was Jesus, the son of Mary, in the words of the truth about which they (the Jews and Christians) have been doubting (and disputing amongst themselves and with each other).

( Holy Quran , Maryam 34)


It is not for God to take to Himself a child. All-Glorified is He (in that He is absolutely above doing such things). When He decrees a thing, He does but say to it “Be!” and it is. 

( Holy Quran , Maryam 35)


O People of the Book! Do not go beyond the bounds in your religion, and do not say anything of God but the truth. The Messiah, Jesus son of Mary, was but a Messenger of God, and a Word of His (Power) which He conveyed to Mary, and a spirit from Him. So believe in God (as the One, Unique God), and His Messengers (including Jesus, as Messenger); and do not say: (God is one of) a trinity. Give up (this assertion) – (it is) for your own good (to do so). God is but One God; All-Glorified He is in that He is absolutely above having a son. To Him belongs whatever is in the heavens and whatever is on the earth. And God suffices as the One to be relied on, to Whom affairs should be referred. 

( Holy Quran , Nisa 171)


In the Quran, Isa ( peace be upon him ) is reffered to by the following 4 attributes that we will discuss separately : “ Rooh Allah “ ; “ Rooh Minh “ ; “ Kalimat Allah “ ; “ Maseeh “ .

  • “ Rooh Allah “ meaning “ Soul of Allah “ is a very heartwarming phrase used to honor and show Isa’s ( peace be upon him ) endearment to Allah and moreover , his importance and status among the believers.
  • “ Rooh minh”, meaning “ Soul from Allah” , indicates his miraculous birth , without a father , similar to the creation of Prophet Adam ( peace be upon him ) .
  • “ Kalimat Allah “ , meaning “ Word of Allah “ points to the Infinite Power Allah holds through which He can create human beings just by saying “ Be !” and it is.
  • “Maseeh” , means “ Messiah “ ,  “Anointed One”.

Many miracles and blessings were shown through Isa ( peace be upon him ) . One to mention is that even while his mother was giving birth to him, the town’s people witessed a beautiful light coming from that direction. None of them however were able to get closer since it was protected by angels.

Right after Isa’s (peace be upon him) birth, astrologers and fortune tellers informed the king of Persia that a messenger had been born. A letter was then sent to the king of Damascus asking about important births that took place recently.The people in Beit Al-Maqdis informed him of a miraculous birth of a baby without a father. After hearing these news, the king of Persia demanded his death.

Maryam ( peace be upon her ) out of fear for her own child , left Jerusalem and spent a period of time in Egypt.


The stolen gold 

While they were in Egypt , Isa ( peace be upon him ) and his mother , lived in the home of a devoted believer. Since he wished to submit himself to Allah, he opened a shelter for those in need. He took care of them and spent on them during their entire stay.

The man had some gold hidden next the the walls of his house . One day, while looking around, he realized his treasure had been stolen. He demanded everyone to gather together and not leave the place until the perpetrator will be exposed.

Isa ( peace be upon him ) however, by the Power of Allah, knew exactly who the thieves were and unmasked them . A blind man and another one who was paralyzed had conspired together to take the gold. Shocked by the accuracy of Isa’s ( peace be upon him ) knowledge, they returned the gold back to its owner.




Creating alive birds out of clay, restoring eyesight, curing leprosy , bringing people back to life

The Prophet ( peace be upon him ) was sent to the children of Israel and received the revelation at the age of 30. He started preaching around the area of Al-Sham which is today formed by Palestine, Jordan and Syria.

When Isa ( peace be upon him ) began to spread the Word of Allah, people started asking for miracles as proof of what he was saying.


“And He will teach him the Book and the Wisdom – and the Torah and the Gospel,

”(And He will make him) a Messenger to the Children of Israel (saying to them, by way of explaining his mission): ‘Assuredly, I have come to you with a clear proof from your Lord: I fashion for you out of clay something in the shape of a bird, then I breathe into it, and it becomes a bird by God’s leave. And I heal the blind from birth and the leper, and I revive the dead, by God’s leave. And I inform you of what things you eat, and what you store up in your houses. Surely in this is a clear proof for you (demonstrating that I am a Messenger of God), if you are sincere believers (as you claim. ) 

( Holy Quran ,  Al-‘Imran 48 , 49 )


As the Quran explains, even if Isa ( peace be upon him ) was taught the “ Book and the Wisdom – and the Torah and the Gospel “ , this was not enough for the children of Israel.

He shaped a bird out of clay and by the will of Allah and through His infinite Power, the bird came to life and flew away.

Since medicine was very popular during his time and all the people of knowledge were trying to find cures for the main illnesses like blindness, the miracles granted to Isa ( peace be upon him ) were related to this issue.

Since no one until that point was able to restore the sight to the blind, they understood that Isa’s ( peace be upon him ) abilities were truly a sign and a miracle from the Creator , the Possessor of all Cures and Knowledge. Above all this , he was also able to cure leprosy and give life to the dead.

The children of Israel , while Isa (peace be upon him) was in a graveyard, asked him to bring a dead man back to life. By the Will of Allah , it happened exactly as they demanded. When the man saw himself back on the earth, he asked Isa (peace be upon him) to take his life as nothing could be compared to the beauties he witnessed. The prophet preayed to Allah, and the man died once again.

On another occasion, Isa (peace be upon him) saw a woman crying on a grave. Her daughter recently passed away and due to her incredible love for her, the woman swore she would not leave . Isa (peace be upon him) told her he would bring her back to life , only if the woman promises she would become his faithful follower. The girl then was brought out of her grave. She said that once she heard the first calling, Allah recreated her physical form. At his second command, an angel appeared over her head. Finally, her soul returned to her. As her soul returned to her body, the girl’s hair turned white from the horror that it might be the judgment day. She asked Isa ( peace be upon him ) to return her to her grave.

The children of Israel were still skeptical . After a long series of miracles they asked him what they have stored in their homes. The prophet responded with incredible accuracy , yet they still didn’t believe. In order to test his abilities , they proceeded in bringing him the sick , disabled and those with much worse illnesses and by the Will of Allah, he cured each one of them.

Isa (peace be upon him) told them that he was sent to confirm their previous scripture and to make permissible what was previously forbidden.

Isa (peace be upon him) , was so devoted to preaching he would sacrifice his own necessities like food and sleeping just to make sure he conveyed the message one more time. From the handsome , young man he was , often he could be seen appearing very thirsty and hungry.

He was so humble he never slept with a covering and has only been wearing wool for his entire lifetime.

Most of his followers were part of the poor and weak of his people. Besides preaching the oneness of Allah and the Gospels, he delivered many other messages like the coming of a later messenger named Ahmad ( Muhammad ) .

He moved to Al-Nasirah where he gained a firm amount of followers who affirmed their belief and embraced Islam .


(Having preached his message in this way for a long time,) Jesus perceived their willful persistence on unbelief (and open hostility), and called out: “Who will be my helpers (on this way) to God?” The disciples answered: “We are the helpers of God(’s cause). We believe in God, and (we call you to) bear witness that we are Muslims (submitted to Him exclusively). 

( Holy Quran, Al- Imran 52 )


However , many of the children of Israel were still in complete denial .


O you who believe! Be helpers of God(’s cause and the Messenger), even as Jesus son of Mary said to his disciples: “Who will be my helpers (on this way) to God?” The disciples said: “We are the helpers (in the cause) of God. ” And so it happened that some of the Children of Israel believed (in him and his Message), and others disbelieved (thus becoming two groups). So We strengthened those who believed against their enemies, and they became the uppermost. 

( Holy Quran , As-Saff 14)




The dinner table 

In total, there were twelve disciples, some believing without the need of miracles and some who presented Isa ( peace be upon him ) with challenges and insisted on proof . Isa ( peace be upon him ) however, warned them that belief in Allah should have nothing to do with miracles and even if they would be granted what they ask for , they would still not believe. When they stated that they only wish to see a miracle just to further strengthen their faith , the prophet invoked Allah for a feast from heaven to be sent.


And once the disciples said: “Jesus, son of Mary, is your Lord able to send down on us a table (of food) from heaven?” (Jesus) answered: “Fear God (as He should be feared, and so desist from making such demands lest He punish you) if you are (truly) believers. ”

They said: “We desire to eat thereof and that our hearts might be set at rest (with certainty of God’s being our Lord and of your being His Messenger), and so that we might know that you speak the truth to us, and so that we might be among the witnesses (to the meaning and truth of what is demonstrated to us). ”

Jesus, son of Mary, said (in entreaty to his Lord): “O God, our Lord! Send down on us a table (of food) from heaven, that shall be an ever-recurring (religious) festival for us – for the first and the last of us – and a sign from You; and provide us sustenance, for You are the Best to be sought as provider with the ultimate rank of providing. ”

God said: “I send it down on you. Then if any of you should henceforth disbelieve, surely I inflict on him a punishment that I never inflict on anyone in the worlds. ” 

( Holy Quran ,  Al-Ma’idah 112-115 )


Meat, olives ,fruits , bread and seafood were brought down by angels in their human forms. Since the disciples were afraid to eat, Isa ( peace be upon him ) brought all the poor and needy to the table and so the disciples began to eat as well. As they ate, the food continued to increase in quantity .

Our beloved Prophet Muhammad ( peace and blessings be upon him ) said that the people who will receive the most severe punishment will be the people of Fir’aun and Al- Ma’ida , those who disbelieved in the miracles granted to Isa ( peace be upon him ).



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