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[This post if from Zahra at Soulful Seeds blog. It’s always great to know you’re not alone and how others have gotten better, because it might help you as well!]

My initial desire to go vegan was met with concern and doubt, emanating from both myself and my parents.  Fresh from recovery from an eating disorder, my mind was still occupied with thoughts about calories, quantities, and digits on the scale.



My Journey–> Disordered Eating To Joyous Eating

I was enthralled with the multitude of positive effects associated with veganism, though still perturbed by the disordered thoughts in my head. I wasn’t even sure if I truly was interested in veganism, or if my eating disorder was just looking for another thing to transfix itself on.

But the clarion call pulling me to veganism, instigated through personal research on the environmental and health benefits of a plant-based life, was too strong to resist.  I transitioned to a plant-based diet almost immediately after my week-long research binge. Although frightened by my mind’s potential to warp something good into something that just fueled my eating disorder, I was also excited to feel so passionately about something again.

Eating disorders, like many mental disorders, can completely suck the life out of you. It left me just as starved on the inside as I was on the outside…. So the surge in passion for something new was very encouraging. Turns out that this passion literally changed my life, completely altering my relationship with food.


A Changing Relationship With Food

In order to go and STAY vegan, one  cannot rely on sheer willpower. Meat and dairy consumption is prevalent (especially in America), making it very challenging for some to just give it up without meaningful reason. 

My meaningful reasons for going vegan EMPOWERED me to create a positive relationship with food, challenging my disordered eating thoughts.

  1. Sense of Purpose

  2. Sense of Pride

  3. Sense of Community


Sense Of Purpose

Going vegan finally led me to understand the PURPOSE of eating- fueling my body. It also led me to dig deep into the purpose of food as a whole: the agricultural industry, the effect of farming on the environment, the food chain, human diet through evolution, the nutritional composition of food, and its affects on the body (to name a few).

I now know what I’m eating …… NOT for the caloric value, but for the inherent value of what I’m nourishing my body with! I look forward to learning even more about what I put in my body and how it impacts the rest of the world.

nourishing vegan meal


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