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Asterisk 5 Gift Ideas for Your Health Nut Friend
30/06/2017 The Fit Hijabi in Fitness / No comments

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We all have that health nut friend that we never know what to buy them because they have EVERYTHING fitness related… I’ve made a list to help you out!

Sportline HydraCoach 

This water bottle calculates how much you should drink a day, how much you’ve drank throughout the day, creates intervals so you know when you need to drink, and motivates you to stay hydrated. If your heath nut collects water bottles, this is a great gift for them!


Cateye Fit

This gadget doubles as a cyclocomputer and pedometer. Just clip it to your bike (or belt) to see how far they’ve gone, their speed, caloric consumption, and how many steps they’ve taken. It also has a 7 day battery life!


Personalized Yoga Mat

If you have a yogi in the circle, they will love this! I’m not a yogi and I honestly want one. A personalized yoga mat that you can pick a font (7 choices) and are extra thick.


Tangram Smart Rope

This rope counts the number of times he jumps, calories burned, workout times, and shows you mid swing with its LED lights! Great gift for a cardio bunny!


Philips Wake Up Light

For anyone who gets up before dawn. The light simulates sunrise so you can wake up naturally. It also has other modes as well as a snooze button.



Don’t forget that you can save money while shopping for these items!

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