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I’m sure you can do more than 3 exercises on arm day… but I absolutely HATE arm day. I’d never do it if I had the choice. (I mean I do have a choice but I don’t want to look disproportionate.)

Cable Curls

Cable Curls Exercises

This works your biceps. I enjoy this exercise the most. I usually set this on about 15 pounds and do 5×15 reps.


Tricep Pulldowns

Tricep Pulldown Exercises

This works the triceps. They tend to be weaker than the other parts of the arms. This burns like CRAZY! Since this is a weaker part of the body, I have this set on about 10 pounds.


Shoulder Press

Shoulder Press Exercises

The last exercise I do on arm day is the shoulder press. I use 10-15 pounds, depending on the day! This exercise will wear you out!




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