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I’m back!

I’m so sorry I left but I had a relapse and it was…bad…I’m back again and still trying to push through this recovery!


Let’s start with:

Fad Diets

It’s the new year and people usually make losing weight their New Year’s resolution.

The deifinition of a fad diet is:

a diet that promises quick weight loss through what is usually an unhealthy and unbalanced diet.


“Most fad diets go something like this: Take a few foods, give them ‘magic’ power, and set a plan to convince people that eating this way and only this way will promote weight loss,” says Alexandra Caspero, RD.

Many are difficult to follow and can even put your health in danger.


To determine if a diet is a fad diet, ask yourself:

  • Does the diet promise quick weight loss?

  • Does the diet promise you don’t have to exercise?
  • Does the diet sound too good to be true?

  • Does the diet help sell a company’s product?

  • Does the diet lack valid scientific research to support its claims?

  • Does the diet give lists of “good” and “bad” foods?

If you can answer “yes” then run away as fast as you can!


Fad diets can cause eating disorders alone because of too much restriction, which can lead to death…

There are plenty of guides out there that work but they require patience. There is no such thing as a fairy godmother that can give you a pill and you’ll instantly be at your goal weight!



If you’d like to read more on how to healthily lose weight, you can click the link here!



Find a fitness plan here!



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