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Asterisk My Experience Battling an Eating Disorder
19/05/2017 The Fit Hijabi in Fitness / 2 responses

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Most of you may not know this, but I’ve suffered with an eating disorder and still, to this day, struggle with body image.

I would eat all day and then not eat for a few days, if I ate during the days I planned on not eating, I’d beat myself up and try to puke it back up.

Soon I went into counting calories…

I got so obsessive with counting calories, that I’d cry if I was one calorie over, but it would be okay to be five-hundred under my goal. It’s not rational. I can’t explain how I was in that moment.

From calories went macros, and that was the WORST.

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve tried to push myself out of that mindset. I’ve decided to stick with intuitive eating. It’s where you eat when your hungry and stop when your full. To some that might sound silly because it’s normal, but it can be challenging for me. Some days I’m doing great, others I’m just okay. And that is perfectly fine!

If you know someone struggling or you are struggling, I highly recommend these books:

Life Without Ed and Goodbye Ed, Hello Me by Jenni Schaffer.

Jenni goes in detail about a subject no one wants to talk about. These books have helped me TREMENDOUSLY and I applaud her for being brave enough to share her struggle with the world. She takes you through every step she took through therapy and more to help YOU.

Please know you are not alone and that by allowing yourself that one slice of cake or that one extra slice of pizza isn’t the end of the world. You deserve to get help and find the love you need for yourself. We deserve love!




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