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Asterisk A Description of the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ
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To motivate ourselves to act how Prophet Muhammad ﷺ acted, is to know how he handled certain situations!

According to Ali, the Prophet’s son-in-law,

“He was not too tall nor too short. He was medium sized. His hair was not short and curly, nor was it lank, but in-between. His face was not narrow, nor was it fully around, but there was a roundness to it. His skin was [wheat colored]. His eyes were black. He had long eyelashes. He was big-boned and had wide shoulders. He had no body hair except the middle of his chest. He had thick hands and feet. When he walked, he walked inclined, as if descending a slope. When he looked at someone, he looked at them in full face.

Between his shoulders was the seal of prophecy, the sign that he was the last of the prophets. He was the most generous-hearted  of men, the most truthful of them in speech, the most mild-tempered of them, and the noblest of them in lineage. Whoever saw him unexpectedly was in awe of him. And whoever associated with him familiarly loved him. Anyone who would described him would say, ‘I never saw, before him or after him, the like of him.’ Peace be upon him [pg.127].”

There are also details given in as well.

“…that his beard was black and profuse, always carefully combed and perfumed. The Prophet’s skin was very soft and naturally fragrant. Whenever he shook hands with someone or patted a child on the head, as he often did, the fragrance remained on that person for the rest of the day. The Prophet’s speech was uniquely eloquent, profound and concise. People often intentionally insulted, offended, and attacked him, but personal offence never provoked his anger; on the contrary, he invariably remained affable with those who offended him. It was only when divine injunctions were defied that he became angry, and then nothing stood before his anger. When he was happy, the Prophet’s face lit up like the full moon. He was known for always smiling, but he seldom laughed aloud. The equivalent of hearty laughter for him was to smile so broadly that his molar teeth showed.

Prophet Muhammad ﷺ never allowed himself to be humiliated, but he was always humble. He wore coarse clothes and made do with whatever clothing was available; he liked his clothes to be clean and white in color, and seldom kept more than one of each type of clothing. Prophet Muhammad ﷺ ate whatever was presented to him and was never picky with his food.

He often stood in prayer at night for so long that his feet became swollen and painful.

Whenever he met other people, the prophet was always the first to give the greeting of peace (salam). When he shook hands, he was never the first to pull away. When someone needed to speak to him privately, the Prophet always allowed them to speak without interruption. At home, the Prophet helped his wives do their chores, milked his goat, repaired his sandals, cleaned the house, patched his robes, fed his camel, helped knead dough. an embodiment of this narration (hadith): ‘The best among you are best to their wives, and I am the best of you to my wives.’ [pg. 127-128]”



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