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Asterisk Female Companions of the Prophet | Zinnira
19/10/2018 The Fit Hijabi in Guest / No comments

Hz. Zinnira was a slave. 

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Asterisk Jesus in Islam | The Second Coming and Last Day
12/10/2018 The Fit Hijabi in Guest / No comments

The return of Isa ( peace be upon him ) is an event all three Abrahamic faiths are waiting for.

Our beloved Prophet Muhammad ( peace and blessings be upon him ) met Isa ( peace be upon him ) during his Night Journey when he was brought to Jerusalem and to the Heavens afterwards.

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Asterisk Jesus in Islam | The Crucifiction
05/10/2018 The Fit Hijabi in Guest / No comments

Those that had an important role in society and considered themselves superior wanted to get rid of the pure, weak worshippers that were following Isa’s ( peace be upon him ) path . Naturally, they wanted to defend themselves . This is when Isa ( peace be upon him ) gave them the most beautiful advice that soon enough was going to become the most famous saying of his. He advised them that if one was slapped on the left cheek, then to offer the offender the right as well. He assured them that Allah is the One and Only who grants victory and success.

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Asterisk Jesus in Islam | Miracles
28/09/2018 The Fit Hijabi in Guest / No comments

(The infant) said: “Surely I am ‘abdulLāh (a servant of God). He (has already decreed that He) will give me the Book (the Gospel) and make me a Prophet. 

( Holy Quran , Maryam 30 )

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Asterisk Jesus in Islam | The Birth and Family (Part Two)
21/09/2018 The Fit Hijabi in Guest / No comments

Through the birth stories of Isa and John ( peace be upon them ) Allah teaches the upcoming generations of muslims that His powers have no limit and He is the Supreme Master of everything.


And (in due time came the moment) when the angels said: “Mary, God has chosen you and made you pure, and exalted you above all the women in the world.

(Holy Quran ,Al-‘Imran 42)


The story of Maryam ( peace be upon her ) continues in the surah named after her.

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Asterisk Jesus in Islam | The Birth and Family (Part One)
14/09/2018 The Fit Hijabi in Guest / No comments

Due to their pure devotion to Allah, the family of Imran, [linked back to Prophet Dawud (David) peace be upon him], was granted a special status on earth. His daughter, Maryam (Mary) peace be upon her had been mentioned 31 times in the Noble Quran , and has even an entire surah (chapter) named after her, as well as her parents, the best of people of their time.

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Asterisk How Veganism Cured My Eating Disorder | Soulful Seeds
18/04/2018 The Fit Hijabi in Fitness / No comments

[This post if from Zahra at Soulful Seeds blog. It’s always great to know you’re not alone and how others have gotten better, because it might help you as well!]

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Asterisk 10 Rumi Quotes To Inspire You | Soulful Seeds
19/03/2018 The Fit Hijabi in Guest / No comments

Now, I’m not one who loves trendy poetry like Rupi Kaur (or taking pictures of Rupi Kaur’s books for Insta lol) —but Rumi– that’s a different story. A legendary poet, theologian, and philosopher, Rumi combined his scriptural knowledge, philosophical insight, and craftsmanship of words to create the most beautiful poems.

I’ve added questions and/or comments below every quote to get you thinking about how these words apply directly to your life and spirituality. I hope these inspiring Rumi Quotes speak to you from within and heighten your spiritual awareness.

Keep reading to get some really sweet deals on Rumi collection books!

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Asterisk 5 Habits That Kill Your Productivity | Soulful Seeds
15/01/2018 The Fit Hijabi in Guest / 6 responses
If you are rolling your eyes at this article because you’re tired of being told that you have to be a morning person to be productive, roll not. I’ve got your back! There are actually genetic differences that separate those who experience peak energy levels at night from those who experience them in the early hours of the day. (Check out this study). I’m not suggesting you change the way you’re programmed- just the way you program your morning! Eliminate these 5 bad morning habits that kill your daily productivity and I assure you will find more enjoyment in the morning time.


Whether morning looks like 5 AM or 11 AM for you, you probably have started your day practicing at least one of these habits.
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Asterisk Engaging Ways to Give Back This Christmas | Soulful Seeds
15/12/2017 The Fit Hijabi in Guest / No comments
Beware: I’m about to get up on my soapbox and start singing “Where Are You, Christmas?” like Cindy Lou Who so masterfully does in How the Grinch Stole Christmas.
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