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Asterisk 7 Top Pinterest Fitness Boards For Inspiration
06/07/2018 The Fit Hijabi in Fitness /
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Asterisk 7 Amazing Ways To Keep Fit At The Office
22/06/2018 The Fit Hijabi in Fitness /

Most people these days are working the normal 9-5 office job. Are you tired of sitting all day and not feeling as motivated to hit the gym?

Bring the gym to you!!

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Asterisk 4 Best Pieces Of Exercise Equipment For Your Own Home
15/06/2018 The Fit Hijabi in Fitness /

Hate the gym? Self-conscious? Here are 4 items you need for your at home gym!

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Asterisk 4 Pieces Of Common Health Advice That Are False
01/06/2018 The Fit Hijabi in Fitness /

Are you falling for these common health advice that is actually false?!

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Asterisk 7 Celebrities With Incredible Fitness Advice
25/05/2018 The Fit Hijabi in Fitness /

We’ve all watched the media and saw the fittest celebrities… but have you actually heard and listened to their advice?

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Asterisk Top 10 Apps To Help Get Fit
18/05/2018 The Fit Hijabi in Fitness /

The summer is almost here and it’s time to get fit!

I’ve gathered 10 apps to help you get to your goals in under 30 days!

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Asterisk 6 Cardio Exercises To Cut Fat Quickly
11/05/2018 The Fit Hijabi in Fitness /

Cardio is my least favorite time at the gym, or at home, but it’s nice to see you don’t need a lot of space or nice equipment!

Be sure to warm up and stretch after each work out!

Here are 6 cardio exercises to cut fat from home from easiest to hardest!

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Asterisk Best Shoes for Fitness | Reebok
04/05/2018 The Fit Hijabi in Fitness /

I absolutely love Reebok! It’s my favorite shoe/fitness brand, and I feel it doesn’t get much appreciation!

These are the shoes I feel are best per category on their website. If you stay until the end, you’ll get to use some nice offers I get exclusively!

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Asterisk How Veganism Cured My Eating Disorder | Soulful Seeds
18/04/2018 The Fit Hijabi in Fitness /

[This post if from Zahra at Soulful Seeds blog. It’s always great to know you’re not alone and how others have gotten better, because it might help you as well!]

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Asterisk The Baby Food Diet | Opinion Series
30/03/2018 The Fit Hijabi in Fitness /

We talked about Fad Diets lately. Let’s specifically talk about the Baby Food Diet.

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