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12/05/2017 The Fit Hijabi in Lifestyle / No comments

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If you read my Start Here page, then you already have an insight on why I started this blog. When I first converted to Islam I was still wanting to be a Personal Trainer. I never knew any Muslim trainers, athletes, or just icons in general!

I had a Tumblr page and typed in Hijabi Fitness in the search bar, and three posts popped up…. THREE.

There was one blog, and three posts.

I was shocked and saddened. We need more Muslim Fitness icons for our younger generations to see that they can still be fit and modest!

Nike had just released the launch for the sports hijab, which has made people realize that Muslims have a need that has never really been met by large companies.

I want to help the fitness community have more muslims to look at, and inform people about Islam itself!



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