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05/05/2017 The Fit Hijabi in Religion / 2 responses

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Hello lovely people of the internet. I’m a new Muslim and people always ask why I converted so…here you go!

I converted, or reverted, to Islam in April 2017.

It was after months of studying and reading the Qur’an before I finally said my Shahada.

I was in college and went to a seminar at the school to get extra credit points. Little did I know it would change my life forever! It was called Islam vs Isis and was about just that. We talked about verses in the Qur’an and how Isis was contradicting themselves. I became curiouser when I got home and on the news they said awful things about Muslims I knew wasn’t true.

I began reading the Qur’an and just fell in love. It went along with all my beliefs I was struggling with when I was Christian. It clarified my ideology that all religions, that believe in one God, are connected. While Christianity taught me that anyone who didn’t believe in Jesus would go to hell.

I felt more with God when I was reading the Qur’an. It talks about how religion is all about intention, if you don’t intend to sin, you’ll be forgiven, and if you did intend, you really need to get down and pray for forgiveness. (Should be doing this everyday anyway…)

I felt better about always working on improving yourself. When I was Christian, my friends didn’t really do that. They thought since they were saved they could do what they want and go to heaven. I disagree with that.

I honestly just felt reconnected with God and that’s why I converted/reverted. There isn’t much more detail I can say than that. It’s the religion that clicked with me. And I’m happy about the choice I made!


I’m not trying to bash Christians, I’m just telling my story of converting!



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