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Due to the beloved now charging $8.99 a month for programs that were once free… I went on there and found some that are free! These are from the Fitness360 page from the website, and I picked a few physiques that I thought was a nice progression from fit to the fittest!

(You can also get any program they have for FREE on their app BodySpace)

Brendy Scheerer

 Brendy follows a six day workout plan with one of those days being an active rest day! With two days of legs, two days of arms, and 2 days of cardio (if you count the active rest day).

In my opinion, this is one of the best for beginners!

Mary Murphy

Mary’s workout plan has cardio every day… yes, I said EVERY DAY. As a bikini competitor, she needs a lot of cardio to stay lean! Her plan has two and a half days of upper body, two and a half days of lower body, and one active rest day. This makes her plan a total six days.  Now I say “half” because day five is chest, shoulders, and the booty.

I would put this program more toward beginner/intermediate but is best for those who want to build muscle while losing fat!


Tabitha Klansen

Tabitha’s workout plan is four days with two leg days and two upper body days. She has an extra ab workout that says to do every two days.

I place this plan as beginner/intermediate!


Kristina Olson

Kristina’s workout plan has daily stretches and foam rolling. It’s a seven day plan that consists of one rest day, two upper body days, and three leg days.

I place this one in the intermediate category.


Jen Jewell

Jen’s workout plan doesn’t have a set schedule. Because of her busy life, she has four set workouts she does during the week, and a rest day may not be the same day the next week! It consists on three upper body days and one lower body day.

This plan is intermediate and best for those with busy schedules!

Laura Bailey

Laura has two plans, a cutting and a bulking. Both programs are seven days with one leg day, one rest day, one cardio day, and the five of them are upper body!

This program is intermediate/advanced and good for those who really want to start building some mass.

Gal Ferreira Yates

Gal’s workout plan consists of three upper body days, two rest/cardio days, one leg day, and one fierce cardio day. She suggests to keep the rest days, rest days, unless you are competing.

I think this program is more for the advanced crowd.

Laura McGraw

Laura’s workout plan means being in the gym for TWO HOURS or more!

Here’s a little break down of her workout:

  • Perform 4-6 lifts per body group
  • For each lift, perform 3 sets of 8-12 reps
  • If I am leaning down (like at the end of the challenge), I will do HIIT training or plyometrics between sets and drop the total sets to 2 per exercise.
  • Jump rope, mountain climbers or platform jump-ups
  • Cardio gauntlet: Step mill PT 5000 … 20 minutes to 2 hours

Her program is seven days and consists of one leg day, one rest day, one cardio day, and four upper body days.

I place this as very, very, very advanced!!!


Whether you’re a beginner or hardcore bodybuilder, I found some great free plans for you!



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