Asterisk 5 Ways to Drink More Water
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If you’re trying to drink more water because you never drink it at all, or you are on your grind at the gym but can never drink enough, here are some tips on how to get in those extra glasses!

Spice it up!

By adding a flavor pack or fruit/herb combinations, your water wont really taste like water anymore! The longer you let it steep, the tastier it will be!

According to Self Magazine, these are the best some of the best combinations:





Raspberry-Red Grape-Cherry

Cherry-Key Lime-Mint

Drink Before You Eat

When you’re making dinner, dining at a restaurant, waiting for your lunch to heat up in the handy dandy microwave, or even when you’re thinking about a snack, drink a glass or two of water!


Get an App

Sometimes it’s hard to keep up with counting the ounces of water you’re drinking or count the amount of water bottles you’ve drank. Lucky for you (and me cause I’m awful about it) we have apps for that! If you want a basic water tracking app, I suggest Drink Water Reminder, but if you want something more cute and fun, I suggest Plant Nanny!


High Tech B!tch

If you want a high tech approach, there are a lot of companies that have created a water bottle that is compatible with an app or lights up when you haven’t touched it to remind you to drink! This page talks about the best smart bottles for 2019.



This one is an easy way to remind yourself to drink more water! Anytime you drink a beverage that is not water, you drink a glass of water. I’d also like to add that you drink a glass of water that is the SAME amount as the beverage you drank before.


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