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Asterisk 4 Ways To Study Outside The Mosque
17/09/2018 The Fit Hijabi in Religion / No comments

There are 4 main ways I, myself, like to study outside the mosque. Hopefully, these will be helpful to those of you who have trouble making it to the mosque, are missing the mosque because of your menstrual cycle, or any other reason!


Youtube is  a great tool for learning when you aren’t able to go to the mosque. You do, however, need to be careful about what videos you watch and who they are by. You can listen to lectures, scriptures, or podcasts to keep you worshiping and involved with your religion.

Here are some of my favorites:

Muslim Ahki


Mufti Menk


Digital Mimbar




Digital Ummah


Islamic Pulse


Ahlulbayt TV




Whether you want to brush up in Islamic history, hadiths, wives of the Prophet ﷺ, the prophets, strengthen your iman, or to read the Quran itself, books are the best option.

Here is a list of books in my cart that I’d love to read:

(Click each book if you’d like to purchase it!)




When you go online, you can find blogs, instagrams, tumblrs, and twitters with information on Islam.

Here are my favorite online items:


Basics of Islam


Aesthetically Islamic


Islamic Art and Quotes




Daily Islamic Reminder


The Islamic Information


Marryam Lum


Muslim Girl



Events and Gatherings

The best thing to do is to check your city’s papers, or the mosque, and see if there are any events nearby that can help you learn more about your culture, Islam, and, of course, meeting new friends.

We have an Arab fest and Greek fest coming up in my town!




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