Month: September 2018

Asterisk 4 Ways To Study Outside The Mosque
17/09/2018 The Fit Hijabi in Religion / No comments

There are 4 main ways I, myself, like to study outside the mosque. Hopefully, these will be helpful to those of you who have trouble making it to the mosque, are missing the mosque because of your menstrual cycle, or any other reason!

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Asterisk Jesus in Islam | The Birth and Family (Part One)
14/09/2018 The Fit Hijabi in Guest / No comments

Due to their pure devotion to Allah, the family of Imran, [linked back to Prophet Dawud (David) peace be upon him], was granted a special status on earth. His daughter, Maryam (Mary) peace be upon her had been mentioned 31 times in the Noble Quran , and has even an entire surah (chapter) named after her, as well as her parents, the best of people of their time.

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Asterisk Common Phrases | Being Muslim
10/09/2018 The Fit Hijabi in Religion / No comments

Back again with the Islamic bookclub! I’ll post a summary of each chapter of an Islamic book I’m reading, so you get the rundown without ever picking it up!

This is all about the common phrases in the Muslim community…

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