Month: August 2017

Asterisk 5 Muslim Tumblrs You Need To Follow
25/08/2017 The Fit Hijabi in Religion / No comments

If you’re a tumblr addict like me, you’ll appreciate these blogs. Be sure to follow me as well! (My friends are also on this list!)

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Asterisk 10 Ways To Unwind on a Stressful Day
18/08/2017 The Fit Hijabi in Lifestyle / No comments

When I have a stressful day, the first thing I want to do is go home. I want to relax. I want to lay in bed. I want to watch youtube. I don’t want to be productive, and that’s okay!! Here are 10 ways I unwind after a stressful day.

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Asterisk 5 Ways Trick Yourself Into Saving Money
11/08/2017 The Fit Hijabi in Lifestyle / No comments

Everyone loves money, but not everyone is good at saving it! Here are 5 simple ways to trick yourself into saving money!

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Asterisk Top 10 Favorite Exercises | Leg Day
04/08/2017 The Fit Hijabi in Fitness / 2 responses

Leg day is my favorite day! I could do leg day everyday but my legs would quit working…so let’s not do that. Here are a list of my favorite leg exercises.

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